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Beyond your ancestry.

Upload your raw DNA data
from genetic tests like 23andMe or MyHeritage
and get much deeper reports.

Get thousands of SNPs analyzed and dozens of genetic risk personalized reports. On top of that you'll be able to find family members and get a new perspective on your ancestry.

Get started in 2 steps

Step 1
Download your raw DNA data

Download your raw DNA data in the website of your testing company.

Step 2
Sign up & Upload

Sign up with Mundo DNA for free and upload your raw data.

Compatible with genetic mapping of many companies

We Decipher Your DNA

We offer several analyses of health, pharmacogenetics, ancestry, and family searching.
The SNPs in your DNA will be analyzed based on scientifically sound information.


Autosomal ancestry and lineage analysis.


Know your genetic predispositions and take better care of your health.


Discover which medications work best in your body.

Monthly updates

While you are on our platform
your DNA will be continuously reanalyzed with every update
of our algorithm or database.


We value your privacy.
Your data is safe and will not be shared.


Create your free account and start analyzing.

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