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With genetics you can go deeper in your genealogy.

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Our analysis


We use the admixture method to estimate your ethnic percentages across continents and within 23 populations. Then, let AI interpret your ancestry results.

Parental search

With our Family Searching tool you will be able to find other people with whom you share DNA segments.

Sephardic Index

Compare your DNA to that of thousands of descendants of Sephardic Jews.

Sephardic Index AI

The IS AI not only compares your autosomal DNA. It indicates the similarity of your entire genetic profile to that of Sephardic Jewish descendants.

Mother's lineage

Discover your maternal haplogroup and explore the lineage that connects you to your ancestors, revealing the genetic and cultural journey passed down through generations.

Father's lineage

Uncover the origins of your paternal lineage and understand the genetic history of your forefathers, tracing the cultural heritage and family connections that have shaped your identity over the centuries.

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