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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.

Mundo DNA takes your privacy seriously.

Our website is designed to ensure your privacy and security of your data in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

In addition to professionals specialized in genomics and bioinformatics, our team also includes IT professionals who are experts in data security, ensuring that your data will remain secure at all times.

Your data is transferred through an encrypted protocol and anonymized as soon as it arrives on our servers. If you decide to delete your account, all of your data (both analyzed and raw) will be deleted from our servers. You do not need to name your uploaded data if you do not want to.

All accounts created on Mundo DNA do not require personal identification, which further guarantees the anonymization of your data. However, you must be the legal owner of the data you deposit on our platform. You can upload up to 5 (five) DNA files for each created account.

With just one account, you can analyze the DNA of your entire family. When you want to perform a new analysis, simply request it through your user page. You can remove your account from our platform at any time, or you can also delete only specific DNA files. We do not claim any ownership rights to your DNA data, and it belongs only to you.

By uploading your DNA file, you grant us a temporary, limited, and revocable license to store and process your DNA data for the sole purpose of providing you with the service, i.e., to generate reports on ancestry, pharmacological compatibility, and health. We may also conduct research on anonymized data to develop new tools. Some of your data (name and maternal and paternal haplogroups) may be shown to other customers of our platform if our Family Search tool identifies DNA sharing between you.

Mundo DNA reserves the right to modify or discontinue its free services at any time without prior notice. This is in line with our management practices and operational needs of the company. Users will be informed, when feasible, about such changes. We recommend that users periodically review our terms of service for updates.

Important! Mundo DNA does not endorse changes in your health behavior based solely on the information and reports provided by our platform.

The information provided by Mundo DNA should not be used for direct diagnosis or decision-making without review by a healthcare professional.

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