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With pharmacogenetics, you will understand which
medication works best in your body.

Our Pharma Plan includes the study of hundreds of genetic variants associated with their pharmacological compatibility.


How do we analyze your genetic response
to medications?

Your raw ancestry test data file contains information on about 600,000 DNA base pairs, which are the famous letters A, T, C, and G.
In fact, not all of this information is considered informative for ancestry.
A large part of this data is related to your genetic response to medications.

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SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) are the simplest type of variations in our DNA.

Thousands of SNPs are known to determine our genetic response to medications.

On average, we report more than 100 significant interactions between your DNA and medications.

Personalization of medication treatment for life

Our DNA does not change. Mundo DNA's pharmacogenetic analysis offers personalized medication treatment for life, ensuring more effective and safer therapies tailored to the unique genetic profile of each individual.

Example of reports

Your genetic variations (SNPs) are grouped by medications and into panels,
such as Toxicity, Dosage, and Efficacy.

You can browse the details of the analysis, the SNPs found, the genetic interpretation, the description of the condition and several scientific references for you to delve into.

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